EPISODE 12: Diablo

    This is definitely a Vash episode. Much character development. Amongst other things. This is my second favorite episode.
    This episode opens with a really creepy shot of Monev the Gale working out and Legato showing up and telling him the time had come for him to hunt. Kinda cool, when Legato says Vash the Stampede, thunder drowns him out ^_^ The scene switches to Vash, who's at a shoe repair place gushing about how he was glad it was open and such, and when the cobbler tells him he'd better like talking about shoes, Vash says there's something else he'd like to know, and says he'll abide by the cobbler's rules. This scene is kinda ominous too, kinda setting up the episode to be really really CREEPY. The scene switches yet again to a scene which completely counters the first two, which is the two insurance girls sitting gushing about the nice day, and Vash sitting by himself staring up at the sky thinking about Rem, wishing he could show her the blue sky. His thoughts are interrupted by an errant ball that smacks him in the face from a group of kids. He of course joins in their play :p Meryl is a bit put off by his random outburst, but then suddenly reflects on all the faces of Vash in a moment of seriousness. Later, still playing with the kids, Vash gives Meryl money to get ice cream for everyone, including a little girl who's sitting off by herself. But when Meryl gives the girl the ice cream and invites her to play, the girl refuses and runs off, Vash staring after. But the play goes on... that is, of course, until Legato walks by. Legato gets the coolest introduction of anyone in the series, with a pink and red montage of his various body parts, plus a cool Legato-ish song. :p He sits down where Vash can't see him, eats a hotdog, and starts talking to Vash telepathically. When Milly notices something wrong with Vash, Vash tosses her the ball, puts on his sunglasses, and continues to talk to Legato telepathically. Legato tells Vash that he will die that day. Vash is understandably freaked out, but the conversation is interrupted by the same little girl who turned down the ice cream earlier walking up to Legato. Legato gives her a hotdog and begins stroking her head, and apparently Vash can see this in his head because then Legato's hand tightens on her head and he twists it into a painful position. When Vash turns to see with his own eyes, we see the backside of Legato with both hands up in the air, and then the girl running away with the hotdog (actually, Legato with his hands in the air is kinda funny :p). Vash is REALLY freaked out... and Legato laughs :p He goes on to say he could kill everyone in the area, and then gets up and tells Vash not to be in a hurry, because he's still got a little time to live. He then asks Vash if he wants to draw then and there. Vash doesn't of course, and Legato isn't surprised. He gets up and walks away, leaving the bag he'd been pulling the hotdogs from and saying something like it contained a lesson. Vash stares after her, when the wife of the cobbler from earlier runs out babbling about how her husband can't talk and all panicky and such. Of course, the cobbler's head's in the bag (>_<;;; yes, the HOTDOG bag...), and Vash is encarcerated for this. Later that night at the Sheriff's office, Milly and Meryl are trying to get him outta prison, but the Sheriff refuses, rattling off all sorts of circumstantial evidence. While that's going on, Vash is sitting in a cell, all chained up and looking all SERIOUS AND MAJORLY CREEPY... geez, but I love the visuals in this episode ^_^ He's pondering Legato's words from earlier, and wondering what Legato wants... his mind straying to some abstract imagery of a man who's identy will be revealed later in the series. It really... does creepy things to Vash. When the girls walk in, he's half obscured in shadows and his eyes are glowing BLUE... which really scares Milly (and makes the viewer inevitably pee their pants because it's just so WRONG). She collects herself though, and the girls tell Vash that he'll have to spend the night in prison and that they'll break him out tomorrow. Just then, a strange LARGE cloaked figure walks into the front of the Sheriff's office. Without a word, he puts his gun up and begins shooting, but not before Vash can warn everyone to get down. The guns completely annhilate the walls of the building, but Vash's warning was enough to save everyone... including himself, even though he's straining at his chains. The figure uncloaks himself and introduces himself as Monev the Gale, ready to send Vash to hell :p Vash tells everyone to run, because the enemy's come... but of course they don't, and just continue to ask questions. Monev kinda pins Vash to the wall with his fist and brags for a bit, and the girls fail miserably at trying to save him. Monev says something about 5 clicks to the end (the guns strapped all over him clicking into place), and as he does the countdown, Milly fires her stungun, distracting Monev enough for Vash to break free of his grasp, grab his gun from the desk up front, and make off into the night. The girls realize that there's been a change in Vash's demeanor and they hesitate to follow him. As he runs, Monev chases him, and Vash warns all the townspeople as he runs, even going as far as firing at them to get them to take shelter and get down and away from Monev's bullets. Monev sees it as a weakness, but Vash is doing a REALLY good job at saving every single one of the townspeople from Monev's random bullets. o_O; That is, until Monev gets into the town square and pretty much annhilates EVERYTHING, much to Vash's complete and utter horror. There's a silent scream from Vash and all the activity is reflected in his eye as all the buildings explode and the bodies fly. He stands up and surveys the damage... really freaked out by all the dead bodies. Monev seems quite pleased with himself, and brags a bit, but... Vash kinda turns UGLY then, jumping from nowhere and firing shots into his mask and stuff, knocking out his guns too. His eyes are BLUE again, and Monev says something about them being the eyes of the Diablo. Vash... fires at him. He's really, REALLY creepy. Monev of course flees. The girls happen upon him in this state, and Vash yells at them to stay back and stay away, then walks away, with both the girls watching. Meryl thinks to herself that it's not the same man, and that he might not ever come back. Milly says something about him being unstoppable. Elsewhere, Monev is completely scared and dissilusioned, since Vash was supposed to be spineless and unable to kill anything, and Vash kinda... fired directly at his head. Switching scenes again, Vash kinda commandeers the safe to a bank using scare tactics. He rigs a trap and sits inside the safe, with only two bullets left. Monev jumps down from wherever he was, thinking he sees through Vash's plan, and says he'll annhilate the vault door and Vash at the same time. He starts to fire at the bank, and Vash sets off an explosion that sends the door at Monev, knocking his guns off. The door flies up into the air, Vash jumping out from behind silhouetted by the moon. Monev still has one gun left, and Vash uses his two bullets to destroy what looks like the clamps holding it onto his shoulder. Monev yells out loud that he knows Vash used all his bullets, and takes aim and fires at Vash, who's still flying through the air. The glove around Vash's arm shreds, his hand drops down, and he then reveals that he has a machine gun arm. He fires on Monev, destroying his gun and rendering him completely defenseless. Monev falls to the ground (his helmet's knocked off too... it kinda looks like he lacks the top of his skull o_O;), and is completely blown away by the hidden gun, reflecting a few of the times Vash could've easily killed him with it. He then says something about how Vash will pay. At this point, Vash walks up through the dust. He tells Monev that he's killed everyone, took all their lives. Monev simply asks "Who the hell cares." This earns him a kick in the head from Vash, who tells him he will have to die now. He looks to be about to make good on his promise, standing over Monev with his machine gun pointed directly into his eye. Monev begs profusely for his life. Vash just stares at him with his cold eyes and yellow sunglasses, but Monev's protests triggers some sort of daydream with Rem and himself floating through a sky with geranium petals blowing around them. He tells Rem about how horrible things are amongst all the people, and Rem just laughs at him. Vash is confused, but Rem tells him that he'll turn into an old man worrying, and she's just so happy that her ticket to the future is open, and then she starts to sing Sound Life. Vash takes the gun away from Monev's eye and stares up at the sky with his eyes closed, saying it was all that he could do. The episode ends with the sunrise, and Vash saying "If I shot him now, he really would die. It would be wrong to shoot him, right?"
    Yes. Where to start?! That's just... such a cool episode ^_^ K, Vash definitely DEFINITELY shows a new side of himself. We see how he reacts to the "real" plot of the show, we get our first good healthy glance of Rem, and we see the machine gun for the first time. All extremely EXTREMELY important to the plot. None of that fake filler crap like last episode, and the two episodes after this one :p Okay, first Vash's new face. It's been hinted at indirectly in several episodes, especially the last one, that Vash could possibly be a coldblooded killer. It is, after all, what his reputation as the Humanoid Typhoon is based on. However, in this episode, we see that Vash would make a very good coldblooded killer. We see that he deals with serious criminals VERY seriously, and his superhuman abilities lend themselves well to out-eviling the serious criminals. After all, Monev the Gale, who is unarguably one of the scariest people not only in this series, but in general, was begging for his life at the end of the episode, and he also runs when Vash has the demon eyes thing going on. It's just scary in general. Even when he's chained up in prison... there's something really really creepy about the way his eyes are glowing and half of him is obscured in shadow. It's in such a sharp contrast to his happy-go-lucky, never hurt a fly personality up to this point. It's... really, REALLY different. Even up to this point, Vash's seriousness, suchas when he faced BDN, and all the other serious situations up to this point, his seriousness seemed to be simply stoicism. When Vash is talking to Legato at the beginning of the episode, he is serious, but it is also mixed with fear. His attitude as the episode progresses... is seriousness mixed with some sort of animal ferality. Or blood lust, perhaps. Vash just hasn't shown a blood lust up until this episode. But to be fair, we never quite see blood lust again, because we know that his beliefs, instilled by Rem, will rule out the blood lust every time, no matter how much of an efficient killing machine he can be :p I don't know how much I can emphasize this aspect of his personality, how I can properly drive it home... but it is really, REALLY creepy. One of the reasons I love Vash too, by the way. Oooh boy. Going along with this, his blood lust seems to be his reaction to the real plot of the show, that is, the stuff dealing with Knives and the Gung-Ho Guns. Up until this point, his happy-go-lucky/stoic personality has fit in with the random villians and situations he's run into, but we can see that this personality shift to the more severe kinda fits into the more severe villians. He DOES hint that Monev the Gale is the enemy. He's never really called anyone the enemy before... and, at one point, he asks himself if Legato is connected with "him." We kinda get the impression that perhaps "him" is someone even Vash is afraid to deal with, sorta like Legato. In any case, we get the idea that the plot is about to take an interesting shift in a very excellent direction, one which Vash may or may not have bloodlust and a wish to kill someone or something :p This is sorta cool, because it's kinda like the first half of the series is establishing Vash's personality, and the second half of the series is seeking to completely shatter this perception. Well... maybe not completely :p Vash is still Vash, no matter what... despite what this episode leads us to believe. But it's still kinda cool to think that the Vash we know is just some sort of sham or front. Hm, I suppose that's entirely possible at this point, since we know next to nothing about him, his past, his influences, and where he learned all the cool tricks he pulls off. Damn do I ever love Trigun :p Next is Rem. Truth be told, Rem is my second favorite character in Trigun. This episode marks the first time we get an earful of her philosophies, and we also get to see her face. We also get a glimpse of just how important Rem is to Vash. At this point though, she seems more like a lover. Either way, she's most definitely dead, based off the fact that Vash has dreamed about her before and woken up in a cold sweat, the way he got all emotional when Kite saing Sound Life, and also because Vash wishes to share the beautiful blue sky with her, which she would've seen anyway had she been alive. The way he seems to always wistfully bring her up, and some of the thoughts he seems to associate with her, probably lend themselves more to the belief that she's an old flame of Vash's... but we don't find out who she REALLY is until episode 17 (which IS my favorite episode). In any case, we know she has a major influence on Vash. Earlier in the series, he mutters her name when he just can't work up the nerve to kill someone. And in this episode, when he's prepared to end Monev's life for killing so many people... the thoughts of Rem stop him. His memory provides us with the information that Rem always thought that people could change and that nothing was definite in the future, and also that life should be celebrated. The fact that these thoughts, the memories of Rem, cause him to pull the barrel of his gun from Monev's eye socket and spare his life, even after Monev slaughtered the entire town, is proof of his strong feelings for Rem, no matter what she may or may not be. Not even Milly and Meryl had any effect on his personality after it shifted so dramatically, but Rem did. Even though she's dead. Lastly is his machine gun. In my opinion, this thing is supremely cool. We get a hint of it in the first episode with Wolfwood, but we don't really know it exists, we don't KNOW that Vash has another gun (... well, we CAN infer from the title of the series maybe, but comeon, lemme have a little fun :p). We get the suspense built up when he only has two bullets left to stop Monev. Even in his current state, we know he won't KILL him (at least when he still has his two bullets), and even Vash isn't sure how he'll stop Monev with two bullets. But... that gun comes out of NOWHERE. It's a complete surprise, and it also kinda complements the new personality, especially when he stands over Monev saying that he will now die, the barrel pointed directly over his eye. Monev brings up a good point too, in that Vash could've used that gun in so many other situations, but didn't. Only when it comes down to the wire does Vash bring it out, and this remains true through the rest of the series. Kind of interesting. We don't know much about it in this episode, other than he DOES have it, and seems willing to kill with it. No matter what it is, it's supremely cool and a welcome surprise.

Hehehe. This isn't my second favorite for nothing :p EVIL VASH RULES OVER ALL. Evil Vash, Rem, the machine gun, death threats FROM Vash, we just get it all in this episode. An analysis doesn't do it justice. Just watch this episode. Over and over and over again. Because this is just the epitome of Trigun, and Vash as well, putting my favorite aside. Enjoy it. Enjoy it WELL, for it is supremely good :p It more than makes up for the fact that the other two episodes on this tape are duds, as well as the first episode on the next tape. *sigh* Just remember all the good things I said about this episode during all the boring ones.