EPISODE 15: Demon's Eye

    This is an important episode because we learn Vash has restraint when he knows the ladies are aware that he's conscious :p I also thought Dominique was a pretty cool character. Too bad she lost all respect from me when she got killed by EG Mine.
    The episode starts off with Vash carrying Milly and Meryl on his back through the desert in a kind of car seat. Apparently he had wrecked their car and this was his punishment :p Jeneora Rock is the name of the town in which this takes place, and the scene switches to a group of men pulling up into the city, much to the horror of the onlookers. They seem to be dragging some women with them, straight into a bar. A man is playing Saxophone, the men push the girl across the bar, and some guys in the bar note that the thieves are the Roderick Boys, and that the girls are captives. These thieves do everything in their power to completely scare everyone around them, including their waiter, the women they've taken... and even that blue-haired man at the counter, eating his dinner (XD I put sinner the first time). That's right. Legato. One of the thieves catches one of the girls looking at Legato, and proceeds to beat the crap out of her. One of the other guys stops him, saying that he didn't have a chance against the blue-haired guy anyway. This first thief is still quite enraged that the girl was looking at Legato. The thief then turns and addresses Legato, telling him that the girls were quite delicate, seeing as how they had "given up" their families, husbands, and possessions the night before, and he asks Legato how he could stand to sit there and remind them of all that. Legato, of course, pays them no mind and doesn't even pause in his eating. This enrages the wife beater, who pulls a gun on him, shooting off the tine end of Legato's fork. Legato simply asks the barkeep for another, not acknowledging the thieves in the least. So they ALL fire on him. Legato then turns to them and tells them not to be hasty, and he then starts talking about how he will eventually kill everyone, blahblahblah Legato talk :p The thieves scoff at him, and then Legato proceeds to use his telepathy to contort the hell out of and kill the wifebeater. When the other thieves see him, they pull their guns, but Legato ends up making them turn their guns on each other. This is actually a really cool sequence, with gunfire, slow motion, and the Saxophone player (Midvalley the Hornfreak :p) featured throughout. Legato goes back to his meal briefly, then turns to the women, who are basically the only ones left in the bar. He tells them that they now see how much pain there is in living, blahblahblah Legato talk :p As he leaves the bar and walks through the streets, people shut their doors and windows in fear. He says he usually doesn't bother with such things, and he was surprised, but then Vash flashes in his mind's eye and he says that it must've been something about Vash, and his very existence caused him undue irritation. He's studying his left hand very carefully while saying this :p At the entrance of the town, a tired Vash and the Insurance Girls have arrived. Vash wanders off to find a bar... and of course stumbles across all the dead men. He quickly shuts the door and acts like nothing happened... though he is quite mentally preturbed. Meanwhile, Legato is up on a high rock, apparently facing the entirety of the Roderick Thieves, very upset that their members had been killed in that bar. Of course, the thieves begin to turn on each other. They see Legato apparently talking to himself, saying something about killing half of them. The thieves get mad... but then suffer the wrath of the Gung-Ho guns in their entirety. Half are killed. The other half is spared to bury the dead, since they mentioned that the Roderick Thieves were very close. Legato explains this to them in a really, REALLY creepy Legato-like calm >_O; He of course mentions the pain of living again. The scene switches to the Gung-Ho Guns role call, with Midvalley announcing them all. Legato says that he plans on using only one of them on this target, and addresses this comment to Dominique specifically. Dominique agrees, and thus goes after Vash the Stampede. Meanwhile, Vash is in the town trying to gain entry into the buildings or at least a word with one of the citizens, to see who killed all the men in the bar. The citizens are too afraid to talk to him, and one even slams the door straight on Vash's finger while he begged for information ;_; The Insurance Girls of course chastise him, and he mentally ponders Legato. He spies him while the Insurance Girls are still talking, on top of the large rock with a windmill at the edge of town. He runs off, much to the girl's chagrin. When he reaches the rock, he sees mountains of bodies and is very horrified. Dominique appears suddenly, and tells him that she could have killed Vash three times... because he's naieve. He asks her name, and she introduces herself as Dominique the Cyclops. He asks if she killed them all, and she said yes, they were horrible thieves who thought nothing of lives and only used people to line their pockets. She said it was spring cleaning. Vash gets VERY angry, and told her that wasn't her decision to make... and then says that he could have groped her five times during the conversation, at which point all her buttons fly off, exposing her ample busom and undershirt. So they fight, both rather interested in the other. Dominique keeps calling Vash naieve, and says that a quick draw won't save him this time. Vash tries to draw, but Dominique appears behind him, and he dodges. But no matter where he dodges and tries to aim his gun, Dominique is behind him. At one point, she appears behind him with her gun aimed at his head and says "checkmate." She fires, Vash rolls away nimbly avoiding the shot, and asks her what kind of freak she was, since that wasn't human :p Dominique calls Vash unpredictable, but this kinda makes Vash angry, since she's the one that's appearing all over the place. She offers to fight Vash again, and he concentrates HARD on her, waiting to see her move. He still misses her, and she appears next to him and fires her gun right at his chin. Vash is purturbed because he absolutely has no idea how she moves. He replays the scene with her over and over again in his mind, and finally figures out her technique. So he concentrates and starts groaning. Dominique is quite frightened, since she seems to know he figured her out. So she makes her move again, and this time we get to see her running up to Vash. But so does he. he whips out his machine gun and fires it directly at her eyepatch. She gets mad, since she says the "Demon's Eye" should affect all five senses. Vash then reveals that he beat it by focusing all his concentration on pain. Dominique gets quite angry, but Vash starts complimenting her and telling her to do women's work :p Just then the Insurance Girls show up and see Vash there standing over a crumpled Dominique, her shirt open. Meryl slaps him and starts yelling about taking advantage :p Dominique takes her leave with her Demon's Eye technique, telling Vash that it wasn't over through telepathy. Vash tells her telepathically to wear a dress the next time. When Meryl turns to see if Dominique is okay, she's gone. Meryl then demands an explanation from Vash :p Meanwhile, Dominique runs through the town not sure why she lost. She runs into Midvalley. The scene cuts to Midvalley and Legato at night on a rock ledge, Midvalley playing his sax. The wind picks up a cloud of dust that obscures them, and then they're gone. Back with the Insurance Girls at night, Vash tells them that they must part ways. Meryl tells him no, that they have a job to do. Vash then gets very, VERY feral, telling them that it was their job or their lives. Then he gets all happy and tells them that its been fun, but he'll see them :p They watch him go.
    Though this is a supremely cool episode, there's not much character development. There's the whole dealing with a female opponent thing, the reinforcement that Vash absolutely hates death, and the fact that he can turn on the Insurance Girls too. The thing about fighting a female opponent is something that just occurred to me. He seems to treat Dominique quite differently than his male opponents. Almost like she's... not as serious a threat. I hate to see this, but as I keep explaining, there's just no avioding the fact that Vash is sexist -_-; Oh my. Yes. There's the fact that he kinda makes small talk with Dominique. Sure he does this with all his opponents to an extent... but the last time his opponent presented him with a pile of dead bodies, he went completely nuts on him. With Dominique... he tells her that she shouldn't have killed them, then he tells her that he could've groped her, accompanied by her buttons flying off... which we can only assume was somehow Vash's doing -_-; As the episode wears on, he kinda jokes with her while he's dodging around and she's making serious threats on his life. Sure, he does this with most of his other opponents too... but these opponents didn't have an ace up their sleeve like Dominique and have a really good chance at actually KILLING him -_-; At the end, after defeating Dominique, Vash starts getting into discussion telling Dominique that girls shouldn't be doing that, they should be keeping house... and that she should keep house for him. And then when she's making her escape, Vash tells her to wear a dress next time. What the HELL?! I'm not... even gonna get into that anymore. ANYway... he overcame this... er, thing of his to defeat her in the end, and that's what matters. Yea. Moving on, we see that Vash STILL gets angry and frightened when he sees the dead bodies, such as in the bar and on the rock, and that this is now immediately associated with Legato. But at this point, we still get the idea that Legato is Vash's enemy... and he's not. But actually... Legato is much more threatening seemingly than the ACTUAL enemy. But we can't make that call, since we never... really get much of an idea of Knives functioning in everyday society past what he sends out his minions to do. So by association, Knives beats Legato. But STILL... :p So we kinda... keep getting this building creepiness of Legato, and the idea that he'll do whatever it takes to make Vash angry, and those are always the most ungodly things :p Last but not least, Vash can give the insurance girls the cold shoulder! Hooray! Lemme tell you, I used to binge on Trigun. I watched all 26 episodes back to back when I got the final volume in celebration. But watching these episodes once a day every day since they've been running on Cartoon Network... I dinnae like Meryl. She just... doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualities, especially face to face with Vash. Sure she cares, but to him, she's a complete bitch :p Which is why I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. He says they have to part ways since he's in real danger now... but should they have been following him all along if he didn't want them getting hurt? Now that people are dying, I guess it's more serious... but I wonder why he didn't send them away after episode 12. Eh. But the fact that Vash can divorce himself from his friends to travel by himself again to stop this evil and get what he's been searching for all these years is really... a testament to Vash. Aww... I love Vash ;_; He FINALLY got rid of the insurance girls. But for other reasons than that. Not even for that reason, actually. I'm just gonna stop talking now.

So yea, this is a cool episode. But not much new character development. Yes, he figured out Dominique's technique, but he always figures out the villian's technique. It wasn't that surprising. What WAS surprising was Vash's sexism. Bah. But I'll turn the other way and still love him :p