I have mixed feelings about the next two episodes. Well, no. I kinda like them. We get to meet up with & see people who know Vash, and the place he calls home. It's kind of a sad story arc, but I guess that's the way of the latter half of Trigun. You also get the scary rabid stuffed bunny. Do with that what you will.

    This episode opens with a windstorm in an abandoned-looking city of New Oregon. Milly and Meryl are talking about the current weather, apparently the windstorm is the aforementioned Typhoon Jacqueline, and Milly says that it's so huffy it must be related to Vash. They are interrupted by a tonis that's blown through the wall by the storm. They seek out Vash on tonisback, but they find his room empty with a note that says he's gone and not to look for him. Meryl gets angry and says he'd have to be crazy to go out in this weather, but Milly reveals the fact that she'd hid a transmitter in Vash's food to trtack him. When they trun on the tracker, however, they find only Kuroneko eating and abandoned palte of food under Vash's table. The scene switches to a flashback to just after Vash and Knives land. Knives is waking Vash up. Vash is understandably angry at Knives, but Knives tries to calm him down by telling him that since it's only the two of them now, they should at least try to act like brothers. Vash starts yelling about how Knives killed everyone, and knives is rather pleased and demonic-looking. He says they were all destroyed save for the fraction that Rem saved with "incessant meddling." Vash, still upset, tells Knives in disgust that he's not human. Knives beats Vawsh up, telling him never to make that comparison. Knives then makes a vow to kill everyone, and Vash mutters Rem's name from the ground. The scene switches to the present, where Vash is standing on a cliff in the Typhoon, telling Rem he knows now what he must do. He then looks at a kind of watch while advice from his weatherman friend plays through his head. He says out loud that he trusts him, then jumps off the cliff and is blown around in the air until he hits a kind of roun raft-thing. He climbs in, complaining, until he hears a voice that says "I thought you were committing suicide." Vash automatically launces into his suicide speech from the first episode, but stops when he realizes Wolfood is on the raft with him. Then Wolfwood climbs in and starts complaining about Vash ^_^ Vash tells Wolfwood what he's doing ("visiting the folks") and Wolfwood calls him a liar until he sees the ship that didn't crash. Vash says that Wolfwood will be their first houseguest in twenty years. As they go up, something (a bird) watches them, and we see it is controlled by the man from the last episode, Leonof the Puppetmaster. He has one of his puppets report back to Legato on Vash's whereabouts, and also tells him that Vash is accompanied by a minister in black. Legato cuts him off before he says who he thinks it is and tells him to continue with business as usual. The puppet disappears and Legato says out loud that "had you behaved, you would have lived to see doomsday" and makes a cryptic remark about fulfilling another of his master's wishes. The scene switches to a big man running into a computer room where a smaller older man that he calls doctor is sitting. He tells him someone from the outside is there, and the doctor comments that he's finally back. He then asks the man (Brad) if he'd ever met him, but Brad says no, he was too young to remember much before he left. They open the door and see Vash and Wolfwood wrestling. The doctor is pleased that Vash hasn't changed. Brad was rather upset. Vash tries to make conversation with him as they go to a lower level, but Brad is rather gruff. He aslo tells Wolfwood that he's not welcome on the ship, and when Wolfwood protests, they walk into a hall of people who all retreat into their homes. Wolfwood takes the hint and says he'll be good. Just then, a girl runs up all sparkly and calling Vash's mane. It's rather obvious that Brad is smitten with her, but she only has eyes for Vashand she runs up and embraces him. Vash is very embarrassed, but then recognizes the girl (Jessica), which casues her to be more pleased and carry on, much to Brad's chagrin. He gets even angrier when Wolfwood rubs it in, and it looks as if Vash is fearing for his life. Vash diffuses the situation by telling Jessica that he has to go with the doctor, but Jessica tgells him to see her right after. Vash and the doctor depart, leaving Wolfwood, Jessica, and Brad. Nick tries to introduce himself to Jessica, but she's scared of him. Brad tells him that they hate outsiders who breed war and violence, and tells him to stay put so that he doesn't cause trouble. He and Jewssica leave a very angry Wolfwood behind. Back on land, Milly and Meryl are determined to find Vash again, but are somewhat daunted by the storm. Outside the ship, Leonof's spybirds collapse and go into the ship's vents. Inside, Wolfwood gathers a crowd, who begins to provoke him and tell him to leave. Wolfwood insults their sheltered lives, saying that the plants could shut down at any time and they could find themselves on the ground. They deny it and tell him that they won't listen to him since he thinsk people's lives are meaningless. Wolfwood, pissed, tells them that no matter what they'll live on the desert planet eventually. Back with Doc, when Vash tries to get caught up with stuff on the ship, he's kind of surprised about some changes. Doc tells him that he's been out of touch for five years. Vash gets kind of sad, and Brad makes it worse by telling him he wasn't human and time meant nothing to him. Doc reprimands him, and asks Vash about the Fifth Moon. Vash says he doesn't remember it at all, like July, and that he figured Knives had something to do with it. Doc asdks him if it was his weapon that caused it, and when he doesn't respond, Brad is furious and asks him if heis destruction makes him worse than Knives. Vash says yes, and Brad gets even angrier until Doc steps in and tells him that the only man who can stop Knives is gentle Vash. Vash asks Brad for trust, and Brad simply walks out. Vash says he understand Brad's feelings, that he must seem like amonster to them. Doc then tells him that half Brad's problem was that he's in love with Jessica, but was shot down because she's in love with Vash. Then Doc unveils an upgrade to Vash's arm. The scene switches to Jessica, who's waiting merrily and thinking of how Vash hasn'tg changed a bit. Above her, a pupped hand appears in the grate. The scene switches then to a disgruntled Wolfwood, who's still mad and roaming the halls, until he hears poeople crying out from a locked room. He forces entry and sees piles of bodies. He goes in to investigate, and of course pople walk by and see him inside and blame the death on him. Brad shows up, sizes up the situation, and points a gun at Wolfwood. Wolfwood tried to convince him that it wasn't him and he knew it. Meanwhile, Doc and Vash find Jessica's room empty after they finish with the arm. Vash finds a present for him, but he's frightened by the red "kill" written across it. Brad is still confronting Wolfwood, calling him a liar, but they are distracted when everyone in the hall is suddenly dead. Wolfwood tells Brad to stand down whe he sees one of Leonof's puppets. Leonof knows Wolfwood (he's speaking through the puppets), but Wolfwood stops him before he says more. He reveals that he has Jessica hostage, trying to raise Brad's ire. It works, and Brad points his gun at Wolfwood's head in a tradeoff, saying there's no other way. Wolfwood says that there is, that if they ignore the girl's plight they'd get out alive. But he knew someone wou would whine until he got his way, which was to save everyone, and he was a lso crazy and fearless. Vash walks in on cue and the two take out the puppets. Vash has his red coat again, and it goes to a flashback with Rem on the Project Seeds ship. They're looking at flowers under a glass dome, and when Vash asks about them, Rem tells him that they're Red Geraniums, her favorites, and that they represent determination and courage. Back in the present, Vash has one moment of awe before he's glomped by Jessica. Leonof ruins the moment and also reveals that in addition to him, there are two other Gung-Ho Guns loose (Hoppard the Gauntlet and Grey the Ninelives). And, in case you were wondering, Milly and Meryl are still stuck in the storm.

Hooray, much in the way of Vashness for this episode. Let's see, up to address is the whole "going home" thing, Jessica, the fact that he may seem like a monster, and of course his red coat. So, in this episode, Vash went home. Well, not really, but he went to the place he calls home, at least. We see by the reactions he has in the next episode that the people living in this SEEDS ship are like family to him. He seems to remember most of their names and faces, because even after not having contacted them for five years and even longer without visiting, he identifies Brad and Jessica almost right away. What seems kind of strange to me is that even though he walked down that hallway of people, the only person who greeted him was Jessica, and he likewise snubbed the rest of his family ^_^; I found it kind of interesting also that the entire ship had adopted Vash's policy of "Love and Peace" and kind of scorned the rest of the planet for their war and hate. The way it was presented though, it seemed as if the ship colony was doomed to fail though. So what does this say about Vash's ideals, exactly?! o_O; I dunno, Wolfwood scorned them for being naieve, but they failed only because of the whole Gung-Ho Guns thing. I guess it had nothing to do with their principles of peace and whatnot... but still... !!! Vash also seemed to relate very well to Doc too, almost looking up to him in a way, though Vash is almost certainly much older than he is. I found that relationship to be somewhat strange. And speaking of strange relationships... Jessica! We have Jessica! She is probably the single most frightening person in the whole series. So... sparkly and happy. Devoted to Vash. But even worse is her little stuffed dog thing she has in Vash's flashback that somehow appears in a lot of official series art :p Jessica seemed completely devoted to Vash, even though the last time she'd seen him was when she was very young (I kinda get the impression that she's a lot older than she looks, like the same age as Brad older). She sees nothing in Brad, and only has eyes for the ever-absent Vash. Vash seems to handle her pretty well, considering she's a rabid adoration machine ^_^; I dunno what else to say about her... she seems to be Vash's woman back home, so to speak. He just has a girl in every port, that dirty dirty sailor :p Next thing for discussion is Vash's monster-like appearance to all humans. This really struck me the first time I watched the series, because it's so terribly TRUE. Brad kinda speaks out against Vash, the way he never ages, and the fact that he is indeed not human. Well, ok, he's not human, but he sure looks like it, right? He blends in perfectly until a fight breaks out. But look at the general public's perception of "Vash the Stampede", even if they haven't met him. They don't know he's not human, and they still think he's a monster. So Vash gets a double-edged sword on that one, in that he's not human and is a monster, and even if he was human, he'd still be a monster. Aww. Lastly, if "lastly" is indeed a word, is Vash's red coat. I actually really wasn't wondering about this at all, but the fact that the information was provided was a pretty good bonus, in my opinion. Of course he wears it because of Rem, because Rem means everything to him. Hmm... in the language of the flower, red means determination and courage. Hmm. Yes. He wears it to show his determination and courage, or to remind himself that it's what he needs, and also to remember and symbolise Rem's favorite flower, then? So he's always thinking about Rem... or at least that's how I see it ^_^ It's also a pretty distinctive coat... helps him to stand out, er, more. I dunno, I found that tidbit to be pretty interesting ^_^

This episode was worth watching if only for the cool Rem flashback/red coat explanation thing. Also to see Vash's sordid home life :p That's all I have to say, really. Oh yes, also it's annoying me as well that my summaries are longer than the analyses. But I can't stop myself from writing long summaries anymore, and I have a really hard time coming up with the analyses since I've watched them so many times ^_^ It's just standard stuff for me at this point. Hooray for beating stuff into the ground!