Continuity: 10/30/02

    If you're reading this, it means that you can finally view this page without popup ads. This pleases me greatly. I like all my webpages, all of them are special to me in a way, but this one... I dunno. I put a lot of work into this one. Not so much anymore since it's basically finished save for the episode summaries and little things here and there, but I still have put a lot of work into this page and it's one of my best. That means nothing to this essay, which will be about the possibility of another Trigun series, or Trigun movie. It won't be very long, which is why I added that extra bit at the beginning :p PLEASE DON'T TAKE THAT AS ME SAYING "HEY, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN!" BECAUSE I'M _JUST_ TALKING ABOUT IT. I don't want to be browsing a bunch of Trigun sites and see things like "Hey, did you hear they're making another TV series/movie? Deus ex Machina says so!" That's not what I'm saying. I'm just talking about the possibility of doing such a thing, and if it's even possible, so please, PLEASE keep that in mind.

    First, I suppose I'll talk about the possibility of another TV series first. Sure, there are lots of fans that really want to see this. Who wouldn't want to see more Trigun? I'll tell you straight off, I don't think it'll happen. Not only because it hasn't yet, but because I think you must leave a good thing alone. I believe that people want to see the series continued because they liked the first 26 episodes so much, but really, how could anything follow the first series? The first series was more about the surprise of finding out Vash's past and him coming to terms with Knives and his thoughts of Rem and such. What would a second series be about? There would be no mysterous air surrounding Vash anymore, which would definitely take it a few notches below the first series. Pretty much all the conflicts have been resolved. You could introduce a new enemy, sure, but you'd have to think of a pretty damn good presentation to make it as good as the first 26 episodes, like doing it from their point of view or something, and that might also take away from the series because it would no longer be about Vash. You could argue that the relationships could be continued between Meryl and Vash, or something about Milly having Wolfwood's baby after the one night tryst. Quite honestly, I did not watch the series for the relationship angle. This is by no strech of the imagination a Shoujo series, Vash only sparkles for comedic purposes and not because he's bishounen. The relationships, in my opinion (and this may conflict with what I wrote in the last essay, I can't remember :p) are only there to add a more human angle to the story, save for Vash and Rem, which could be construed as not romantic and instead a student/teacher kind of relationship. As much as you can ANALYZE the various romances in the series, they are not so much what the series is about. Ok, and one of the biggest things I have about continuing series like this is that I don't want to see them beat into the ground. I like when things bow out at their high point. I think Trigun is fine how it is, and I think while a new series MIGHT be interesting, I also think that there's a higher chance of it falling short of fan expectations than some people might think. I don't ever want to get to the point where I say "Oh, this is so bad. No more new episodes of Trigun for me!" I like Trigun just the way it is, it would please me if no more was added to the television series. Plus, it's also worth mentioning for those who are unfamiliar that for the most part, 26 episode series are rarely continued after they stop, and if they do it's usually because the manga or whatever was written that way. Sometimes series will get OVAs after they finish their run to supplement them... but even that I think would be overdoing it in this case.

    A movie is something else entirely. In most cases, a movie produced for a series is within the storyline and doesn't mess with continuity in any way, but is instead just an extention or independent story involving the characters. I dunno how I stand on this. On one hand, I really don't think an independent story would be a good idea, especially since there really weren't any in the series that didn't advance the plot at least a little (that is arguable I suppose). To me, an independent story that doesn't include elements of Rem, Knives, and the Gung Ho Guns would be very uninteresting, and I don't think they could mess with them without confusing the continuity of the series. On the other hand, I really don't know what kind of independent story they could come up with, and it might be something really interesting. Heck, they might even be able to work Knives et al into it without confusing the storyline. I don't write for the series, so I really don't know how that would work. With that in mind, it might be kind of interesting to see a Trigun movie, especially since movie animation quality is usually mind blowing and far superior to anime. It would be kind of cool to see an incredibly animated Angel Arm sequence. It might also be nice to watch what sort of traumatic, emotional story that would be developed for a Trigun movie, because it would need to be extraordinary considering the standard movie storyline and the storyline in general for Trigun ^_^ I guess I would be in favor of it, as long as it didn't suck or screw with the anime storyline. It might be kind of nice, actually. But I don't think it'll happen. Really.

    So, in my opinion, no new animation for Trigun. Not only because I think it would be a bad idea to continue the TV series and traumatic to make a sucky movie, but because it has been said that it won't happen. Please keep that in mind, especially if this essay has gotten you excited and hankering for more. THERE WILL BE NO NEW TRIGUN ANIMATION OF ANY KIND. It has been stated from several sources that there will be no movie and no second series. So there. This was simply my opinions in the event that it was possible and did happen, but since it won't, there's nothing to worry about. I told you that this essay would be short ^_^;