To Name a Website: 11/3/02

    I've been thinking about Trigun a lot since my last update. So... I kinda wanted to do another smaller update. I get a lot of questions about the name of this site, so I thought I'd write a brief explanation of the title and how it related to Vash. Less of an essay and more of an explanation for the curious, I suppose.

    Er, to tell you the truth, it surprised me greatly when I kept getting questions about the name, because it's a fairly well-known phrase ^_^; "Deus ex machina" is a latin phrase which literally translated means "God from machine." The word "deus" has a couple different meanings, the most common being "God", but it was also used as a title for Roman imperial leaders at the beginning of the fall of the Roman Republic. "Dominus" was also another title used at the time, "dominus" meaning lord. "Deus" is also the title given to the ones who control the angel battle dolls in CLAMP's series "Angelic Layer" ^_^; Someone wrote me once to tell me their sibling took latin and my title meant nonsense, that the most literal translation was "God from the box", which makes me assume that the original Latin meaning of "machina" might have been box. But... I've not taken latin formally, so I really can't say for sure ^_^; However, I can assure you that the most common modern translation of my site name is "God from Machine."

    Now, why would I choose an untranslated latin phrase for the name of my beloved Vash shrine? Well, actually the phrase in latin sprang into mind while I was in the early stages of typing content. The phrase couldn't fit Vash better, in my mind. He's a somewhat benevolent being to the people of the planet, he comes from the plants, and is sometimes referred to as an angel (especially by Rem, but also in some translations of the manga I've read). He has an Angel Arm, which also refers to that. He's benevolent too, in a sense that he acts as sort of a protector and savior of many people throughout the series. As for the machine part of the equation, this should be fairly obvious. He comes from the plants, the machines that sustain life for the citizens of that planet. So thus, you get "God from machine", or the common latin phrase "Deus ex Machina."

    That was much shorter than I thought, but it gets its point across. I do get some questions about the name, so I thought it only right to do a little writeup about why I did it and its relevance to Vash. There's really not that much to say about it ^_^;