The fanart section of Deus ex Machina, with many generous contributions ^_^ If you'd also like to see your fanart here, please feel free to send it in and I'd be more than happy to post it ^_^


+ Color Vash - This is by a friend of mine, Jaimielee! 'Tis a nifty color drawing of Vash ^_^

+ Black & White - Another by Jaimielee, this one a drawing of Vash's head, in full-blown bishounen mode ^_^

+ Quick Sketch - This one is by me, and is a little scribble drawing I did of his head in less than 30 seconds. I don't like it too much >_<;

+ Sexy Vash - Hooray! The first submission to this page! This is a really good drawing of Vash's head by sakura. I like his hair ^_^

+ Oekaki Vash - An oekaki Vash by me. Several inconsistencies, but he has his glasses ^_^;

+ Maximum - Another by Jaimielee! This is Maximum Vash weilding a gun.

+ Head - This is another drawing by Jaimielee! Hooray! ^_^ This one's a drawing of Vash's head.

+ CG - Another submission! These make me so happy ^_^ I must apologise to Leigh for the delay in getting this up here... I hate my E-mail service >_<; This is a BEAUTIFUL CG of Vash that I love dearly ^_^

+ old couple - The first fanart submission in forever, and it's done by one of my old friends, Shadowcat! Hooray! This is a watercolor-type drawing of what Vash and Meryl would look like as an aged couple.

+ shave - This is another basic oekaki doodle, and another by Shadowcat ^_^ This one was done off of a screencap of Vash shaving.

+ bookworm - This is the most AMAZING drawing, also done by Shadowcat. It is a very, very complex pencil drawing of Vash in the sand reading a book without his shirt on, and also with Kuroneko ^_^

+ angelic - This is a piece by Jovanna, and it's a very lovely, kinda sad pencil drawing of a really cute Vash falling upside down. I really like it ^_^

+ Angel and Demon - Another by Shadowcat, this is a REALLY great CG done to represent Vash's psyche, with Vash, Rem, and Knives. REALLY great.

+ Vash blinking - This is some sprite art, also visible on the front page, done by skyle of Vash blinking.

+ Vash walking - Some more sprite art by skyle, this time of Vash walking ^_^

+ ice cream! - This is a really cute black and white SD of Vash eating ice cream by xiao ^_^

+ chibi head - An extrordinarily cute little Vash head, another fanart from xiao! Hooray!

+ love and peace! - another extraordinarily cute chibi Vash head, this time proclaiming love and peace for all! Hehe ^_^ Another from xiao ^_^

+ chibi Rem! - Ah, but how could we leave Rem out of a Vash shrine, since I love Rem so as well? 'Tis a cute little SD Rem singing Sound Life, also by xiao ^_^ Hooray!

+ love and peace - A really cute SD happy-looking Wolfwood and Vash with extra love and peace ^_^ Done by GBAngel 21.

+ alternate 23 comic 1 2 3 - A fancomic! A really pretty colored comic with a surprise ending to the 23rd episode, by Shadowcat ^_^

+ Reflections - This is a very lovely black and white fanart by Redmage of Vash's head with the "love and peace" symbol reflected in his glasses ^_^ It's very simple and likable.

+ contemplative - this is an absolutely great pencil/pen realistic Vash that includes lyrics to VNV Nations's "Standing" in the background, with Vash pondering in the foreground. I like realistic Vash ^_^ This was done by Kai.

+ sleepy - this is another realistic Vash done by Kai, this time of floppy-haired Vash sleeping. So cute!

+ serious - a serious vash with very lovely coloring done with watercolor paint ^_^ Artist is Miko

+ what do I do - a light sketch of a dramatic moment, done by Tempest Strife

+ spiders/butterflies - a fanart by Foxrider X, mostly b/w with some color, Vash with spiders, butterflies, and geranium petals ^_^

+ feel the love - another by Tempest Strife, this time a Vash/Meryl inspired by Christmas.