Hooray for the fanfic section! This is a little smaller than the fanart section, but it's just as full of love and peace ^_^ If you'd like to see your Vash-centric fics here, I'd be glad to accept it!


-Vash the Stampede - This is a sonnet written by Jaimielee, a very nifty 14-line tribute ^_^

-Sorrow's End - This is a BEAUTIFUL, slightly yaoi-ish fic by The Flaming Coffeepot of Doom about Vash's eden. I beg you to read it, it's worth your while ^_^

-Outside of Time - This is by Simside. It's kind of a sad fic about Vash a long ways into the future.

-A Long Night's Wait - This is a lovely Vash fic-in-progress by Fishguts. It has Vash, Knives, Insurance Girls, and lots of angst ^_^

-Legato Bluesummers: An Autobiography - This fic, although focusing on Legato, is in this archive because it's during the moment right before he dies, and also because it's well written and I like it ^_^ It's by Legato's Koneko, and is basically Legato reflecting on his past ^_^