These are images from articles, ads, posters, merchandise, and the like. There's also some anime images that don't really go anywhere else. Please don't take these ones, as most of them were submitted by other people. This is probably the most interesting of the galleries on this site ^_^

Vash Wanted Poster - Poster available from The Right Stuf, where I ripped the image, but they probably won't mind since I bought it from them as well ^_^

Advertisment - This is an ad off a REALLY old Animerica Extra featuring the same pic on the first video, except in ad form. Be advised, this is a HUGE file.
Front & back of a guitar giveaway ad that came with Angel Arms

kubricks - This is a scan of the weird little Vash Kubrick figure box, sent by Xiao ^_^ Also can be found in the merchandise section.

Vash vs. Spiderman - This is a really cool image image found in a magazine featured in an article about eastern vs. western comics (Vash won :p). This was donated by the very generous skyle ^_^

cool Gun image from the beginning of a Trigun article
new and different Vash wanted poster
wanted posters for BDN, Nebraska, and Descartes
Legato and Monev the Gale are also wanted
as are the rest of the Gung-Ho Guns - All these extremely nifty images are from an article in Anime Insider, and all were contributed by the great and wonderful Xiao ^_^

Fashionable Vash - not just a cool picture of Vash, but an interesting article about how he's fashionable and his coat could be feasible in the real world ^_^ Contributed by Xiao once again! Hooray!

Montage - This is a big collage/montage (er, montage probably doesn't mean what I think it means ^_^;) of some artwork from the series contributed by Justin ^_^

In Between - a screenshot of one of the commercial break images from the anime in a very large size, contributed again by Justin. Thanks so much!