These are color images from the Trigun and Trigun Maximum manga, drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow himself. Most of these are from Trigun and came from the back of my Roman Album. There are one or two submissions from Maximum though, which is always appreciated -_^ My own images were scanned with the good scanner, so they are for the most part large and high-quality.

non-GHG - Vash, the girls, and some villians who aren't the Gung-ho Guns. A 2-page image I put together shoddily myself.
peace pose - Vash posing for Love and Peace!
one... - The Vash half of a 2 page spread with the Gung-ho guns.
...half - The Gung-ho Guns half of the 2 page spread.
cartoony - A more cartoonish drawing of Vash against a desert backdrop.
closeup - Vash, the girls, and Kuroneko-san all crammed into one photograph ^_^
out - Vash resting against a wall a la the anime opening
blazing - Vash flying across reminiscent of the Diablo episode.
blue sky - a goofier Vash with the girls and the Nebraskas underneath the endless blue sky :p
cool pose - Vash posing in a rather cool way with white hair. Submitted by a trigun follower ^_^