These are also from the Trigun Roman Album, character sketches for Vash. These are pretty nifty, and they're also large and not affected by my old crappy scanner since they're in black and white! Hooray!

sketch1 - the first in the series of character sketches of miscellaney
sketch2 - second sketch of miscellaney
sketch3 - more miscellaneous sketches...
sketch4 - ...and more
sketch5 - ...and more
sketch6 - still more
sketch7 - boy, these things go on forever
sketch8 - you may be here scrolling all day
sketch9 - but all good things must come to an end eventually
sketch10 - including character sketches (last one in this set!)
sketch11 - ah, but more sets cometh
sketch12 - wrapped, nekked, and his boot
sketch13 - barechested and in plainclothes
sketch14 - GIANT sketch of the Angel Arm transformation
sketch15 - Vash as a lad and his silver gun