In my opinion, no shrine is complete without a gallery full of eye candy. The gallery for this site has grown quite massive over the years, thanks in no small part to the Trigun Roman Album. Nearly all the Vash it contains lies within this gallery. Many of the images were also donated, and many thanks to the contributors, because for the most part, they sent in the coolest stuff in the gallery ^_^ If you would like to contribute any Vash-related Trigun images, please send them in, and I will love you forever.

For usage, you can use anything that wasn't donated, but don't go wild and take everything, or everything from one gallery. And please give me a link back if you do end up using any of my images.

I'm trying to go back through and rescan a lot of the images, because they were done mostly on an old scanner and edited with a small Tripod account in mind. A lot are small and low-quality, and I'm trying to fix this. Also coming soon are scans of the covers and black and white images from the Trigun manga, now available in English *drools over her copies*

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ads, articles, & miscellaney
artbook images
character sketches
color manga images
b/w manga images
manga covers