3-6-05 - Hah! You thought I was gone! I'll never be gone! I put far too much work into this page. No real updates, but I tweaked a few behind-the-scenes things as well as unlocking the directory (see, I was never REALLY gone anyway, just hiding). 8-9-04 - Haha, mission accomplished! Still no real new content, but I rescanned the metallic cards and the SD images, plus I started using thumbnails so everything looks better.

8-8-04 - Hmm, put in the wrong year, so it looked like I had massively neglected this page. Only slight neglect goes on here :p Something... er, spurred my resolve to work on this page and make it better. You reap the benefits by getting the gallery split up into easy-to-access subsections. Also tweaked the links section a bit, and am thinking of redesigning the site again, because the small window really bothers me. Tonight I'm gonna rescan some of the images so that they are not so tiny and crappy. So hooray for that too! Will probably be the metallic card and sd sections for now, but I'll probably do the color artbook scans sometime soon as well.

5-29-04 - *blows dust away* Ahem. So! Two or three pieces of fanart up in the fanstuff section, and I cleaned up the links section! I have a whole summer to update now, so don't expect a huge break like that again for awhile. Coming soon I will fix up the image gallery and add some b/w manga scans, perhaps finish up the episode summaries, and maybe get started on the manga summaries.

10-10-03 - So I fixed the layout a bit yesterday, so the text box is wider and looks okay now ^_^ New this version, I've begun splitting some of the sections. The fanstuff section is now split into both fanart and fanfiction, and there's three new pieces of fanart up. I also stuck the manga intro section up. *this update brought to you by the English version of the Trigun manga*

9-13-03 - (after uploading) Ugh... I know that narrow text window is awful, mostly because of the justified text. It looks slightly better with unjustified text (like this page has), so I'm gonna correct it on all the pages, and if that doesn't work, I'll make the links on the right of the frame smaller text and make the frame wider. Also wanted to note that I updated the links section.

9-13-03 - I LIVE! It took me SO long to do and code the new layout. But here it is! Rather simple, but I tried to make it look wanted poster-ish, so I think it turned out okay. As you can see, I plan on doing some stuff with the manga soon, which doesn't help with my pet peeve of always falling under general site classification, but I can't find good manga info anywhere else, so I'll put it here. The manga basics are definitely coming soon, and I think I'll wait until Dark Horse releases their volume on October 8 so I can comment on the translation and the like ^_^ As for new stuff here, there's new fanart, new wallpaper, and new images both on the top and bottom of the gallery list. Ah, that reminds me too, I'm organizing the gallery, media, and fanstuff sections so that they have separate sections for all their different contents, which will also make them easier to navigate by far. Also look for some b/w manga scans when the Dark Horse volume comes out. Can't upload all this stuff until tomorrow (it's actually two am and I haven't gone to bed yet... so the date will still be right ^_^;), but I hope you enjoy the new layout and all the submissions!

8-1-03 - I know, I know, where's this revamp I promised?! The truth is that I absolutely can't come up with a layout that I like. I'm trying. I'm really trying. I'm using manga art, which I love designing with. But I just can't come up with anything! But I promise within the next month it'll be up. For updatey material, I've got some new fanart! One's a really cute chibi color drawing by GBAngel 21, and another is a humerous 3-page fancomic by Shadowcat. Both you will need to go check out immediately ^_^ Also updated some of the links. Enjoy!

6-21-03 - Time keeps getting away from me lately ^_^; This update brings you an episode analysis for number 20, which means I have at least one episode on every volume now ^_^ Actually, I only have 6 more to do before I'm finished, which is really really great. Also for this update are two more wallpapers from Xiao, and I also rotated the song in multimedia to Cynical Pink.

6-5-03 - Man... I kept putting off this update until I had two episode analyses. I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. It's a lot easier to do an episode analysis with the TV right next to the computer... which is what I'm used to now. I SWEAR I'll get a couple done this summer, but I'll probably finish them up when I get back to school, if only because it WAS much easier that way ^_^;;; But the true shame of putting off this update comes with the donated material I didn't put up until tonight. I got some more great stuff from the lovely Xiao, in the way of two pieces of ultra-cute fanart and also two wallpapers. Much thanks to her! Also, if you haven't heard yet, get ready to go on a euphoric high, because DARK HORSE COMICS HAS LICENSED THE TRIGUN MANGA, WHICH WILL BE RELEASED IN HUGE GRAPHIC NOVELS STARTING IN NOVEMBER!!! THE YEARS OF WAITING ARE FINALLY OVER! Hooray hooray hooray! I was quite excited about that, myself ^_^

5-13-03 - As you have probably guessed, I have fallen behind of my Trigun episode analyses ^_^; Since I'm home, I do have access to my videos though, so I should have one or two up this week since I've gotten in the swing of doing them... just for the sake of finally finishing the things. But for now, you get more much loved goodies from Xiao, some really nice scans from a lengthy Trigun article in Anime Insider, and also a little blurb about how fashionable Vash really is ^_^ Go to the image gallery to find them, they're just above the artbook scans ^_^ Hooray!

4-30-03 - FIFTEEN MINUTES AFTER THE EPISODE AIRS IT'S ANALYSIS IS UP!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it :p I have to stop doing them out of order though... after all, I do them so I can put off my finals stuff a little longer... and now I'm procrasting the episode analysis stuff -_-; The analysis for 18 should be up tomorrow or thereabouts, but 19 is up now ^_^ Also with this update is some more goodies from Xiao, which includes a scan from the Vash Kubricks box (found in both images and merchandise), as well as a cute new fanart. Hooray for submissions! And hooray for updates to this page every few days... this even impresses me o_O;

4-28-03 - Added episode 15 analysis as well as a new button and two new banners from Xiao ^_^ Much thanks! Now you all MUST MUST MUST see the Rem Saverem episode tonight, because it is my absolute favorite in the ENTIRE SERIES, and also because Rem is my second favorite character ^_^; If you do not, you can read through the episode in the analysis section... it's already there! Because it's THAT GOOD! ^_^

4-25-03 - Whoo-hoo! Not only did I get fanart, I also got a gift link button and banner! Go see in fanstuff and links! Thanks very much to Xiao ^_^ I also put up an analysis for episode 16, the one that was on about an hour ago -_-;. I had to tape fifteen last night, so I'll probably do its analysis sometime this weekend. I WILL do it though, because I can't have a huge gaping hole where Demon's Eye should go. What's really sad is I'm taping these episodes off TV after paying over 20 dollars each for the eight VHS tapes -_-; Which are AT HOME, doing me no good in the current Trigun mania I'm experiencing. Haha... but it's sort of funny, because if I did have them here, I probably would be slacking and wouldn't be doing all these updates :p

4-21-03 - Episode 12 analysis up. GOD do I ever love Vash. And Trigun. I get a break for the next two episodes :p

4-17-03 - Updated the episode list! Hooray! Episode 11, Escape From Pain, is now up for your reading pleasure ^_^ Not one of my favorite episodes, so not one of my favorite analyses. Oh well ^_^; I'm gonna try to keep up with the Cartoon Network episodes. I got a big break since I've done most of the first episodes, but I've still got half the series to do. So... yea, we'll see how long this lasts :p Hopefully I can keep up! I also updated episode 10, since it had previously had episode 9's title ^_^;

4-2-03 - No real update (still nothing to update with), but in case you guys haven't heard, you can watch Trigun on Cartoon Network at midnight EST ^_^ (started April 1st). I've watched the first two episodes, and I'm almost positive they haven't been touched AT ALL save for the absence of the opening sequence and an extremely abbreviated end sequence. So if you haven't had the opportunity to watch the complete series yet, you have the opportunity to watch Vash in all his unedited glory ^_^ And welcome to all the people who are coming here after seeing it on CN!

2-22-03 - *does the "I updated in a timely manner" dance* A new (donated) image in the gallery and an updated links section, with the old cleared out and the new added.

2-2-03 - If legend holds correct, I should be repeating this update over and over again, no? *has never seen the movie and cannot get her accurate readings from Punxsutawney Phil in Illinois* Anyway... yea, I have an update today. 3 pieces of fanart in that section, and a slew of pics in the gallery that are manga art from the first Trigun series and scanned from the artbook *apologizes for them already being everywhere*. I've been putting this update off since I also have 2 episode synopsis on hand, but I didn't get a chance to finish them before I came back to college. I did a rough summary of the episode for analyzing purposes, and that's what I have along with a partial analysis for both, but I can't finish them when I don't have all the details. I also didn't bring the episodes with me... again (I didn't have enough room when I was hauling everything back across two states). I wanted to have a whole ton of episode synopsis, if not all of them, done by the time I got back for the cartoon network folk that will inevitably seek them... but that didn't happen. Maybe I will post up those two while I'm here... but it's unlikely. Also remember, if you want to keep seeing updates, keep submitting stuff! Nothing makes me happier than getting vash fanart and fanfics! I will post them almost immediately! Er... I was a little late with the stuff I got over break because I wanted to post it with the episode synopses, but that shouldn't happen while I'm at school ^_^; It's all up now, anyhow. Go enjoy the image bounty I have laid out for you!

12-23-02 - Hooray for updates! In case you haven't heard, Trigun will be airing on Cartoon Network starting sometime in January. Hooray hooray! Also, the manga has been licensed by some mystery company that I hope is unveiled soon ^_^ I hope it's Tokyopop, for they do a wonderful job with manga. Anyway, I want to make this site a little bit more complete for those people looking for a good resource, and mainly that means working on the episode analyses. I kinda want to finish all or most of them before it starts airing for all those people looking for hardcore spoilers :p Hopefully I can work on that, and I also want to get more of the roman album in the image gallery. For today though, I've got a new episode synopsis for number 10. I've also got a NEW PIECE OF FANART! I can't tell you how much I love fanart ^_^ As promised, I put it up within 2 days of me discovering it in my mail. It would have been up sooner, but I wanted to add something to the episodes too. In addition to a new piece, I also fixed one of the images that wasn't working (I can't believe I've had a bad link to that fanart for TWO FRICKIN YEARS... I thought I took better care of this place -_-;). I also added Vash's height, weight, and bloodtype to the stats page. This IS original info that has taken me a long time to find, and I found it from straight Trigun material, not another site. THERE WILL BE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE COPYING IT AND USING IT ON THEIR OWN SITES!!! I absolutely mean it, I am so pleased for finally finding that stuff and I don't want it copied and used elsewhere. If you find it on your own, fine, but don't take it from here! I want to maintain a little originality and uniqueness, even if they are just run-of-the-mill stats.

11-17-02 - Man... I sure am updating a lot lately ^_^; I rotated the MP3 in multimedia to Philosophy in a Teacup. I'm still begging for fanstuff, please try out my new E-mail address so I know it works ;_; Yea, I also updated the contact address in the multimedia section since I had failed to do that ^_^;

11-3-02 - Still in a Trigun mood, so I added another short essay about the name of the site. Please read the last update, as I had forgotten to post the moved page until today, so most of you are just now seeing this page -_-;

11-1-02 - No mini update, and moving all my websites is taking longer than I thought, so I'm just getting around to this site, and it's up with the first half -_-; Ah, but I do have updates for you! I'm so happy! I have a new essay, a new episode summary, and a NEW SECTION, an analysis of Vash's name... one of those shrine things that I had overlooked until now ^_^; I hope you guys like the new place, very fast and no popup ads! I'm so happy to get this page off the free server! Please visit my collective Rose Tints My World for the rest of my spiffy sites on popup-free space ^_^ If you guys would like me to update more frequently, please PLEASE send in any fanart, fanfiction, winamp skins, or wallpapers you may have of Vash! I'm in a rut with things to update with since I don't have my episodes or artbook with me at college, so please provide me with content if you want to see more updates! I can put up more essays, maybe rotate the mp3 eventually, update the links, but those are all very boring and not as exciting as fanstuffs! Please send the stuff in! I'm begging you!

9-12-02 - An update, but not so long after the last one ^_^ The thing that prompted this update was the fanart I got from Shadowcat! Hooray! Go look there NOW and revel in its glory. Let's see... what else... I also put up a new essay, and I updated the merchandise section ^_^ This website will be moving soon, early next month when I get a domain all of my own! I was gonna let my sites alone and give them all massive updates when I moved since I maxed out my main account, but since I got the fanart and this is a neglected page, I did the update now. I might even slide in a mini update during the move. Anyway, enjoy!

8-3-02 - Still alive! I had a stressful senior year ending and I've been trying to be fair to all my pages this summer, but this one got put on the backburner for some reason ^_^ I made up for it with a massive update. 22 new scans (1 is the long-promised Puppet master scan, one is an SD Vash, 15 are scans from episodes, and 5 are character sketches), an episode comparison, a new fanfic (!), some slight adjustments on the quotes and gun page, and I also revamped the links section (took out the dead, put in a few new ones). Was it worth the wait? Also, I just got my E-mail working again, and I found that I'm missing mail from about the end of January to April. If you submitted anything within that time period, resend it and I'll be glad to put it up. Why, even if you didn't send it I'll put it up! Fanfic, fanart, winamp skin, wallpaper, essay... I'll accept 'em all! Also, I got a request from Animate World to put up a link and direct your attention to their Trigun exclusive T-shirt designs. They also have a TON of other cool limited Trigun merchandise. They had the shades, but they sent the E-mail in May, and like I said I just got it working again... but they are pretty cool ^_^ Next update... maybe an essay, maybe another episode summary, maybe some more scans, definitely anything submitted, and definitely catch-up on the merchandise section ^_^;

3-1-02 - Back in the new year... a bit belated... but with the promised scans! There's twenty new scans in the gallery. Sadly, none are Puppet Master.

12-12-01 - I've returned in a timely manner, have I not? I got my new computer, and thus you get your update. The scans will come at a later time, but I do however have the promised fanfic, it's in the fanstuff section, at the bottom. Take a peek, I don't get them that often ^_^;

11-21-01 - I'm a couple days late, but that's better than my recent track record ^_^; I've got a new episode analysis up, a new essay up (highly disturbing... read at your own risk), and a new fanfic by me. Coming as soon as I get my new computer in is a fanfic by someone else as well as some more character scans and a scan from volume 7. Ok? Ok. Keep sending stuff in!

11-17-01 - Yea... I know it's been forever, but my computer's recently taken a turn for the worst and it's hard to update a complicated site like this. Luckily I'll be getting a new one in the mail shortly. Today I've got 10 new character sketches up in the gallery and the Hash Hash mp3 and a new wallpaper in the multimedia section. Tommorrow I hope to get up for sure a fanfic I wrote, probably an essay (it's mostly been coded), and hopefully an episode summary (I have to type the concluding paragraph and code it) and that scan of volume 7 I keep forgetting about. Coming soon will be a fanfic by someone else, but I have to wait until I get my new computer to decode it, this one's garbling the file -_-;

8-26-01 - Hmm... that was one of the longest weeks I've ever experienced. But I was working like a fiend ^_^ Updated stats, history, guns, other people, the episode index with the released info and the altered episode name, added an analysis for episode 23, did quotes, trailers, links, and added a fanfic that you really have to go read before looking at any of the stuff that I did. Coming tommorrow or a reasonable facsimile thereof is another essay, some images that were kindly donated, some more of my own scans, an update to the merchandise section, some more links, and possibly a wallpaper if I get it finished as well as an episode summary on the last episode. Look for all that stuff as you continue to come back frequently -_^

7-24-01 - Ok, if you didn't pick up on it, I was gonna update on Saturday with a ton of stuff because Saturday was Vash the Stampede's birthday. However, the little annual town festival landed on that day and I got stuck working all frickin' day long. Alas, now I'll be in Washington State at my grandmother's house until Tuesday next week, so I won't be able to put up the content until then. I would do it now, but there's so much of it I don't think I'd have time. Believe me though, you will get the birthday update you deserve though. It will be big. So yea... this is just a notice, and not an actual update. See you next week!

7/13/01 - Wow, it's Friday the 13th. I just realized that o_O; Anyway, no real updates, just that the e-mail forward I'd been using has ceased to function so I changed the address all over the page to simside@neo.rr.com. I'm pretty sure I fixed all of them... please click on that address if you have any fanstuff to send at all ;_; Anyway, there will be a massive update next Saturday for reasons of my own. Watch for it!

6/9/01 - ...Right. Anyway, I added another essay. I haven't gotten my hands on volume 8 yet (Wooooolfwooooooood!), so no massive updates as of yet. What I do intend to do is finish the episode guide before summer's over. So that's coming, along with hopefully the 8 updates, and maybe some more random scans. Also, anything you send in will be greatly appreciated ;_;

4/30/01 - Dude, the dates to those last couple updates are soooo wrong o_O; I forget when they really were, so they'll stay. As for updates, we have a new essay. How's about that? More episode synopses are coming, as always.

4/27/01 - As promised, more quotes, trailers, some facelifts to history and others, some stuff messed around with in the gallery and links... I'm sure there's more somewhere ^_^; 'Bout the only thing I didn't do that I said I would is write the essay, but I promise I'll write it soon since it's kind of an intriguing topic. But for tonight, it's either the essay on Vash's red coat or the essay I have to write to be accepted into the college branch for post-secondary enrollment. I think the college essay's winning o_o

4/26/01 - Sorry for the big gap... but I did get Puppet Master! Just for now, quotes has been updated with episodes 20 and 21, the episodes index had the slight release update, the stats section had a slight update, and the guns page was updated. Up for tommorow are the rest of the quotes from 21 and 22, some other character updates, a new essay, and the trailers. Come back!

4/9/01 - Added some info about what it says on the sixshooter and a buncha new pics to the gallery. I also opened up a non-serious site, Spherical Spikes! Should be good for a laugh -_^ Took a grand total of about 2 hours to make, so forgive the size. More will come here in reguards to episode summaries, essays, and scans. Plus I should be getting Puppet Master soon, so much more info will come once I recieve that ^_^ Keep an eye on the site, as always.

3/22/01 - Long time between updates, but it was worth it! After sitting in front of this computer for seven hours, I've managed to upload 28 new images to the gallery and merchandise sections curtesy of my NEW ARTBOOK!!!! XD So there's a ton of new stuff in the gallery. I finally posted the writeup for episode 7, which finishes up the second video. I uploaded two new wallpapers by AniSenshi@aol.com, go see! I fixed several of the images that were acting screwy, and I also put up the essay section, which currently houses one entry ^_^; Anyway, that stuff all took a lot of time, so enjoy!

3/6/01 - How many of you knew today was Michaelangelo's birthday? -_^ Anyway... I updated the links slightly and I put up some new FANART! Hooray for fanart! One was in my E-mail account forever because it is such a terrible service... *grumbles* But I did put up three new pieces of fanart, so now you must go and look at them. Episode analysis for 7 and 18 are coming up, 7 is honestly almost done ^_^; I just have to find the time to sit down and finish writing it. More analysis will come soon, along with more essays, and more scans if I ever get my artbook *grumbles some more*

2/22/01 - As promised, episode 17 is now available for synopsis. 7 is about a third of the way done, so that should be up soon, as I've been promising ^_^;

2/18/01 - Ok, did the promised sprucing to Stats, History, Guns, Quotes, and Trailers. If all goes well, I'll have a writeup for Episode 17 (cause I LOVED that episode, that and 12 are the BEST episodes yet), and I should add some more links.

2/16/01 - Updated quotes and trailers with stuff from episodes 17 and 18, 19 will come over the weekend as well as summary for episode 7 and alterations to several other of the sections. Also updated stats and links.

2/12/01 - I GOT PROJECT SEEDS! Now if only my artbook would finally come in I'd be a happy camper ^_^ Updated stats, but you can be sure that other related updates will come, such as quotes, trailers, episodes, etc. Essays keep springing to mind, so I'll have to get that section up and running to share them with all you curious people.

2/11/01 - To make up for the lack of updates in awhile, we have two consecutive updates in a row ^_^ I added the writeup off the back of the Japanese box for the action figures in the stuff section, and I also tweaked the stats page. I know, I know... not much. Episode 7's writeup will come within the next couple days too, so don't hate me too much.

2/10/01 - Woah... that was awhile. I ordered my copy of Project Seeds several weeks ago from the Right Stuf. I have yet to recieve it. Here we go again. Tweaked the links page a bit, and put up scans of the packages of the action figures in the merchandise section. The MP3 still won't upload, so that's the deal there. I'm still accepting fanart... but haven't recieved any lately. I have the beginnings of episode 7 written up, I'm gonna rewatch the videos and finish that up so I have something here. Coming soon are more pics of the action figures (and I can finally open that Japanese one now that I have the package scanned, I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND ONE IN OHIO!) as well as the episode summaries as always, and the writeup for the bio thing on the back of the Japanese figure. Of course I'll post any fanart or fanfics you send me, too ^_^

1/15/01 - *scowls* I hate Roadrunner. My connections been down since the last update, and I haven't been on the net at all. It's running again, and hopefully I can get some stuff added to _all_ my poor neglected pages... but this one's my baby, so it has first priority ^_^ Added some more links, took down the Hash Hash MP3 link since Tripod refuses to upload it... *must find place to put MP3* and I added another episode summary, the Lost July episode. Also tweaked the main entrance page a bit. Still waiting for my artbook, still haven't gotten those photos of my Vash figure, so keep an eye out for that. Always be on the lookout for another episode summary. Also keep an eye out for Project Seeds, coming out on Tuesday of next week ^_^ Must remember to place an order... but whether or not I get it is another story *glares at The Right Stuf*

12/27/00 - I did an update at some point that I didn't put in here. Odd... anyway, the merchandise section is up and operational, with much in the way of Vash merchandise, from lunchboxes to cards to guitars. The image gallery got an update with two new chibi pics and the shiny card from Angel Arms (I GOT MY COPY OF ANGEL ARMS!!!). New quotes and trailers from episodes 14, 15, and 16. Stats section was altered, guns section was altered, I messed with some links and posted some new buttons to link this site ('bout time, huh?), and I posted the analysis of episode 14 (it's only about two paragraphs long though... don't get too excited, there wasn't much Vash in that ep). Switched the MP3 in multimedia from Gunpowder Tea to Hash Hash, and it will be operational as soon as the file uploads. Added some stuff to just about everybody in the Others section. Just look at it this way: the only things that WEREN'T updated were intro, history, and fanstuffs. Now whose fault is it that fanstuffs wasn't updated? Certainly not MINE... Hopefully I can finally finish writing the episode 6 summary tonight, I've got a good start on it. That took ALL DAY, enjoy this mega-update ^_^ Brought to you by Angel Arms, where we're left for two months hanging on Vash's last words of NO! NO! NO! STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT! NO!

12/22/00 - Hehe, it's been awhile. But as you can see, I've made plans for a new section (grr... the graphic color is slightly off... I gotta figure out a way to fix it). It'll of course be filled with everything Vash, from posters to figures to lunchboxes... etc. Also today I'm gonna try to add another episode, tweak the episode page slightly, and I already added some new images in the gallery. Enjoy!

12/10/00 - Well... finally wrote that last little bit for the episode 5 essay, so it's up. I also put a new image in the image gallery, a pic of the nifty poster I bought but haven't recieved yet because it ships with Angel Arms >_<; Updated stats slightly (I update that page a lot, don't I), and I have a brand new fanart pending! Hooray!

12/5/00 - Had a day off today, so I updated the Seiyuu page with the English VA info for everyone in the series (that I could find... Knives has a couple canidates ^_^;). Episode 5 should be up tommorrow, since I only have the last little bit to write for it.

12/2/00 - FINALLY finished that episode 4 summary. Although it doesn't go into indepth character analysis, it just awes at the goodness of Vash ^_^; PLEASE send in stuff, like fanart and fanfics ;_; I still haven't gotten Angel Arms, so no updates to guns or any of the FUN sections. Grr... Now this page is a month old, too ^_^ Episode 5 summary should be up within the next day or so, and anything that you send me will be up IMMEDIATELY! I promise ^_^

11/27/00 - I was planning on updating over the Thanksgiving break, but I was working on another project that never got finished ;_; I have half of episode 4 done, which would complete the first volume, but since it was only half done, I didn't post it. What I DID post was a new fanart by me in fanstuff. See the horror of my first Oekaki pic. Also played with stats a bit. I play with that page a lot, don't I? Hehe. I DIDN'T get my Angel Arms today as a matter of fact. Tommorow or the company DIES.

11/21/00 - Oh dear, my poor page! I went to Florida last week, which explains the lack of updates. I did a big one last night and finished it today, though! Slight updates to stats, multimedia (found out when Gunpowder Tea plays in the show), fanstuff (someone sent in a sketch! Happy happy happy happy!), and one new episode analysis as well as a new link. One last thing before I go: Angel Arms is OUT! I'll be getting mine on Monday!

11/12/00 - I've actually updated since Tuesday, but I didn't post it in here ^_^; So the rest of the quotes from the episodes I've seen are up, along with a new episode analysis. More of those will be coming, along with of course the image gallery when I FINALLY get my artbook. I think I may hold off on the essays until I finish the episode analysis pages since those are like mini-essays in and of themselves. Or I could get bored in study hall one day and put it up in a fit of page inadequacy angst. You never know. Another small update to stats as well. I HOPE I can get this page on the anipike tommorow and get more traffic. Last monday it was closed when I got home from school -_-; There's also a miniscule update to stats, but I bet you can't tell what it is ^_^ Still accepting submissions for fanart, fanfics, or anything for the gallery *hinthint* PLEASE send some stuff in!

11/7/00 - Due to time constraints, I only posted the rest of the released trailers tonight. Tommorow will be quotes from the remaining episode, along with another episode analysis ^^

11/6/00 - Tiny update to quotes page, two new episodes, one to go. That's all for tonight.

11/5/00 - I did everything I promised I'd do yesterday. The gallery is up with 4 pics, and there's a whole buncha new quotes and trailers. The only sections that aren't up are essays and anime/manga comparisons, and essays will be up soon, I promise. Let's see... what do I need to work on... more episode analysis will be up next! Also today I added some stuff to stats. You get a cookie if you can figure out what.

11/4/00 - I typed up and posted my analysis of the first episode. Now you have to go and read it or I'll cry, because that took forever to write. I'll scan in the cards from my videos and put them in the gallery tommorow so I can have SOME Vash eye candy -_^ I hope to have some more trailers and quotes up tommorow too, but I'm probably just being optimistic. Come bacy anyway just to see. Also fixed a buncha color inconsistencies amongst the subpages, so everything is readable now -_-;

11/2/00 - I put up those wallpapers I promised the other day ^_^; I also must fix my Haunting Gardens link, for it doesn't work. I'll do that now. Yes...

10/31/00 - Happy Halloween! The updates tonight consist of me typing up my quotes and trailers from the first video. I have quotes, trailers, and my comments for every episode written in this dratted notebook, but darned if I can read my own handwriting -_-; I hope to have the trailers up by this weekend, if not the quotes as well. Other than that, I have some wallpapers to add to the multimedia section, but I don't know if I'll have enough time to do that tonight. I'll try, though ^_^

10/30/00 - I changed the color of the text so it's a little easier to read now ^_^; I put up a bit of a fangallery with one of my drawings and two by Jaimielee, and also a Sonnet by Jaimielee. Made a couple slight changes to the stats page, and added a tracker to the main page. Next will be the typing of quotes and trailers. I definitely won't open a gallery until I get my artbook or something is donated, just so I have something NEW to offer rather than the same old images. I'm also gonna add a link to Sound Life, 'cause that's a cool site ^_^

10/28/00 - Well... this page is FINALLY up after a three month construction period. Essays is prolonged until I've finished the episodes, quotes, and trailers sections. Quotes and Trailers only need typed up outta my notebook, but I need to re-watch my episodes ^_^; The gallery is going to be put off until I get my artbook in the mail, but until then I'll post scans of the video cards. Anime/Manga comparison will be put off until I order the manga after Christmas. Sound good? Good.